Quality Material Optimizes Two Kitchen Functions

Quality Material Optimizes Two Kitchen Functions

Having a kitchen that always looks clean is every mother’s dream, but intense cooking activities every day make the kitchen almost always look dirty and messy. Dirty and messy kitchens are not only unsightly, but also interfere with the comfort of cooking. Especially in the design of a kitchen that blends with the dining room, it is possible that appetite is lost due to the condition of a chaotic kitchen.

Dirty Kitchen Custom Kitchen Set

To be able to optimize the functions of both kitchens, a number of quality materials are used to compile kitchen set parts in each kitchen. The cabinets are made of multiplex wood (plywood), plywood which has high durability, is neatly installed and precision. The entire surface is protected by water-resistant HPL (High Pressure Laminate) finishing and is not easy to peel even though it has been used for many years because it is made at high temperatures and pressures.

Cabinet for Clean Custom Kitchen

The desire of Mrs. Nissa to be able to relax with her family while sipping coffee is tried to be realized in the design of this coffee shop-style clean kitchen. The use of exposed patterned wallpaper / wall covering and open wooden shelves gives the impression of a prominent industrialist like in a coffee shop. The classic touch of cabinet accents is also brought in, making a dynamic blend with the dominating wood elements.

Open wooden shelves are a marker of the open storage concept that is applied in this clean kitchen, to facilitate storage of goods and make it look more spacious. In addition, a variety of jars with unique and stylish appearance were also chosen to be placed on open shelves so that they could function as elements of decoration.

Clean Kitchen Custom Bottom Cabinet

Because the clean kitchen area is specifically devoted to the place of coffee, also made a special drawer for storing various favorite coffee sachets. To simplify the process of making coffee, the surface of the tabletop is made transparent with glass. In addition to making it easier to determine the type of coffee to drink, putting a hot cup on it also becomes safer because of its resistance to heat.

The dining table area is made simple with stools and brown bar tables in harmony with the color of the cabinet and clean kitchen floor. Not to forget, the tumblr collection and sign on the wall enliven the decor of a coffee shop. Besides that, dim lighting from central lights is the right complement in enjoying the warmth of a cup of coffee.

An Eclectic Nuance in a Dirty Kitchen

Although it will function as the main cooking area. Dirty kitchens are not left to look rough. A cheerful eclectic impression from the Tosca green cabinet and colorful tile floors actually make the dirty kitchen look alive and energetic, in contrast to the clean and warmer kitchen area. This dissemination is applied so that cooking activities take place more comfortably and pleasantly.

The cleanliness aspect is also prioritized in the dirty kitchen area. The white color that polishes the top cabinet, backsplash, and tabletop is kept clean with a choice of hygienic materials that are easy to clean, such as solid surfaces on tabletop.

Smooth and non-porous solid surface opening so that liquids such as sauces, coffee, and vegetable broth do not easily seep into the surface while leaving no stains. Once cleaned, the white color will appear as usual. Solid surface also makes cooking activities more flexible. This material can withstand heat up to 150 degrees Celsius, so there’s no need to worry about putting a hot frying pan on it. Cooking comfort is also supported by task lighting mounted under the upper cabinet, with light focusing more and not creating disturbing shadows.


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